Medical Overview

Our approach to medicine is proactive and preventative. Everything we do is designed to give you the tools for your personal health transformation. We focus on the science and research so you can focus on living well.

A medical evaluation at California Health & Longevity Institute is so much more than a traditional doctor visit. Guests obtain the maximum benefit from the healthcare advances available today through a proactive approach focused on preventing illness and incorporating the latest discoveries in preventative health science from both Western Medicine and Eastern philosophies.

The programs are built upon a foundation designed around the following tenets:

Precision Health & Wellness

Featuring 24-hour accessibility to expert medical service, same day appointments transform health care into an enjoyable process.


Committed to offering superior dental services in a pleasant and modern environment, Roger Thai, DDS, and his staff provide comprehensive cosmetic and restorative dentistry.


Our on-site, cutting-edge dermatology center offers a variety of treatments to address sun damage, discoloration, wrinkles, skin cancer, unwanted hair, visible blood vessels and natural aging of the skin.


Our state-of-the-art facility maintains the latest diagnostics equipment to allow for quick diagnosis, and customized care.

Complementary & Integrative Health

Our Complementary and Integrative Health programs are designed by Dr. Steven Tan, MTOM, LAc, one of the country’s most comprehensively trained integrative medicine physicians and stress experts.

Comprehensive Health Assessments

Our holistic approach to health begins with our Comprehensive Physicals. Receive on-site personalized testing according to age, gender and family history to help you make immediate lifestyle adjustments to improve health, well-being and longevity. See why we were ranked as one of the nation’s Top 10 Executive Health Programs.

Executive Physicals

High-performing companies embrace the philosophy of corporate wellness. They understand that employee health status is a viable component to overall risk management strategy and their financial bottom line. California Health & Longevity Institute’s Executive Physical Program provides customized programs to help executives, business owners and corporate leaders reach and maintain optimum health.

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