Signature Retreat

A long weekend easily becomes a lifestyle transformation with The Signature Retreat, an experience designed to reset your lifestyle for sustainable health. Our team of experts in food, fitness, and focus has curated a group experience to achieve lifestyle behavior change. In four days you will experience workouts, cooking classes, and workshops that will leave you with the tools to implement healthy practices at home.

All Inclusive Meals

Our Sustained Living Chefs and Registered Dietitians create delicious and healthy culinary experiences for you to enjoy during your stay. Enjoy the luxury of organic, plant-based meals and snacks customized to your personal metabolic rate. We take care of the work so you can focus on yourself.

Lifestyle Workshops & Cooking Classes

Our workshops and cooking classes are carefully selected to provide the full spectrum of skills for your success. In the comfortable setting of our open space studio, we’ll teach you “How to Manage Stress for Better Health”, “Sustainable Nutrition” and “Secrets to Your Metabolism.” In our demonstration kitchen, you become the chef and learn firsthand how to prepare easy recipes using simple healthy cooking techniques.

Mindfulness and Yoga

Keeping the mind and body open to change is a critical component of the Signature Retreat. Each morning our yogis and mindfulness experts will prepare you for each day’s journey. Evening restorative yoga resets the body for rest with soothing and well-supported poses that release both physical and mental stress.

Guided Hiking and Daily Workouts

A visit to California is not complete without a journey though the Santa Monica Mountains. Our Exercise Physiologists encourage enjoyable exercise that promotes health for the body and soul. On-site workouts are curated to promote metabolic health and modified for all fitness levels and ages.