Research Expertise

California Health & Longevity Institute has thirteen years of experience in clinical trial design, IRB submission, implementation, and data processing. Our on-site Principle Investigator, research team, and unique facilities allow for studies to be performed under one roof, improving consistency and convenience. Trials range from diagnostic to therapeutic in nature and help to further advance the study of science and preventative medicine.

The Right People

Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and highly credentialed. Our team includes board certified physicians, Registered Dietitians, CLS laboratory experts, CCRC clinical coordinators, PhD Psychologists, Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologists, Registered Nurses, and support staff who are HIPAA and NIH human subject trained.

The Right Equipment

Our on-site advanced medical testing equipment makes our location ideal for researchers and subjects. On-site facilities feature a state-of-the art cardiac evaluation suite, plethysmography body composition and pulmonary function capacity, 64 slice CT, 3T MRI, body ultrasound, digital mammography, bone density, Retinal Scanning, Auto Keratometry, CLIA laboratory, sample cryopreservation, full teaching kitchen with RD oversight, and all routine physician office support.

The Right Resources

Our onsite partnership with The Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village means unparalleled opportunity for unique research. Our facilities offer overnight accommodation for sleep studies, Registered Dietitian controlled culinary capabilities, and a full fitness center for a range of athletic and cardiac evaluation. Our ability to pull from resources and clinical contacts makes most studies feasible.

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Conduct Your Study With Us

If you would like to get involved and participate in one of our studies please call:
To work with California Health & Longevity Institute for sponsored research studies please call: 818-575-8011