Live a long and vital life.

Our Mission

We believe at the California Health & Longevity Institute that individual vitality and long life are best achieved through proactive measures that promote wellbeing. We provide a wide range of wellness services to our local clientele, hotel guests and members. Our programming includes consultations, evaluations and therapies,  pioneering research studies, as well as offering training and education to serve individuals, corporations and communities worldwide.

The WellWest Method, a 360-Degree Approach to your Health

Ours is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Drawing together experts in the fields of medicine, nutrition, fitness, life balance, therapeutic spa, and world-class hospitality, we bring guidance, sound advice and help to the challenges that are faced through lifestyle behavior. We recognize that human nature is complex and that sustainable change requires both physical and mental transformation.

Hospitality Mindset

Our partnership with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, known for innovative luxury travel, makes healthy living seamless and comfortable during your stay. We believe that responsible hospitality means taking care of guests’ entire lifestyle experience when they are out of the comforts of home. Hotel guests may book services at The Institute, as well as clients attending the Institute may book a stay at the hotel.

Expertise is Our Field

Driven to ensure our guests receive the very best information, guidance, and programming, California Health & Longevity Institute pursues research studies as a part of the ever-expanding universe of proactive wellness and preventative medicine. Every avenue of our programming is evidence-based and results-driven.

Community Empowerment

Information and education is one way we share our knowledge and passion within our community. Our team helps educate faculty and students at local schools around the topics of nutrition and physical fitness. We support local campaigns to keep children engaged in moving and healthy eating, to ensure they have the tools they need to make good choices in their daily lives to become future strong community pillars.

Sustainable Global Growth

We pursue financially responsible growth by conducting sponsored research and offering services through franchise, licensing and strategic partnerships around the world.

Our History

The California Health & Longevity Institute was born from the vision of David H. Murdock, a man passionate about helping others lead longer, healthier lives. Partnering with two leading internal medicine specialists, Dr. Terry Schaack and Dr. Jonathan Cole, Mr. Murdock launched the California Health & Longevity Institute in 2003 with the goal of providing a proactive and integrative approach to healthy living. Operating under the belief that people deserve access to the very best science-based information, the Institute established simple, sustainable programming to help people take control and responsibility of their personal health.

In 2006, the Institute moved from Santa Monica to our state-of-the-art facility at the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, where we could offer comprehensive health and wellness programs alongside leading luxury hospitality. Since the move, Mr. Murdock has remained heavily involved, and has broadened his focuses from advancing nutrition and life extension to finding a cure for cancer, in part to honor his late wife. Under his influence, the Institute advocates the WellWest Method, a philosophy that encourages plant-based nutrition and obtainable exercise regimens as a means to prevent disease and encourage more vital lifestyles.