Introducing the WellWest Method.

Our approach is simple: Be proactive about health. Embrace scientific innovation and time-tested healing traditions. Draw on experts from all fields. Enjoy the process. Here, integrative experiences incorporate both western medicine and eastern philosophies. We focus on delivering exactly what you need, so that you can focus on living well. Welcome to the WellWest Method.

Our Mission

We are in constant pursuit of scientific knowledge so that we can help advance innovation, support our community, and empower our guests as they undertake full spectrum health experiences.

Our Team

As leaders in integrated wellness, we bring a truly holistic approach to healthy living. Guided by a team of health experts, our staff works diligently to ensure that your experience is both luxurious, enlightening and effective.

Research Expertise

With more than ten years of experience in clinical research, the teams at California Health & Longevity Institute perform studies and trials in the fields of prevention, proactive health, wellness and longevity.