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June Gloom — 5 Tips to Fight COVID Fatigue and Deal with the New Normal

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Southern California is known for its sunny skies and warm weather. So when grey skies appear around June each year, we can all start to feel a little moody.

This phenomenon has a name—June Gloom. (If it happens earlier than June, then it’s sometimes referred to as “May Gray.”) As the Los Angeles Times explains, it’s caused by a combination of low pressure from the North and high pressure from the East. When these pressure systems collide, the result is a cloudy drizzle that makes us all want to hunker indoors until it goes away.

“We’re all dealing with COVID fatigue by now, whether we have actually gotten sick with COVID or not,” says CHLI Life Balance Expert Julie Frumin. “When June Gloom hits, your mental health might start to spiral downward. You need to take care of yourself and find ways to push past the urge to close yourself off to the world.”

5 Ways to Fight COVID Fatigue

Here are a few things you can do to fight COVID fatigue and start facing the new normal, even when June Gloom hits the coast.


Moving your body will release endorphins, which will help you feel good naturally. You don’t need to do anything too intense if your body isn’t ready for it. Go for a walk, ride your bike, or do a gentler workout like yoga. As Frumin notes, “The act of moving can help you feel better physically and mentally, which can help you feel less gloomy.” Check out our fitness assessments and outdoor group fitness classes to get started.

Practice gratitude

When things seem bleak, it’s important to remind yourself that there is goodness all around you. Find at least three things to be thankful for every day. They can be anything! Enjoying a great cup of coffee, seeing a cute dog at the beach, or getting a funny text from a friend are all worth your gratitude. Write them in a journal or say them out loud whenever you start to feel gloom coming on.

Turn off the news

If you’re a news junkie, you might find some peace by shutting it off for a while. Pick up a book instead of doom scrolling so that you won’t be tempted to check in on the latest headlines. Even taking a half-hour break can help you feel better mentally. Start weaning yourself off the news until you are only checking it once a day to stay informed.

Find something to look forward to

If your days are starting to feel the same, create some distinction by finding something to look forward to every day. It could be taking a bath at night, curling up with a good book, or going for a walk after work. Make plans with friends for socially distanced outings or online calls. If you are missing your friends, they are probably missing you too.


Watching reruns of The Office could be just what you need to get through your gloom and start feeling happy again. Laughing releases endorphins, just like exercise, and has been shown to help you feel better almost immediately. It can even improve your immune system, according to the Mayo Health Clinic.

CHLI is Here to Help You

Whether you want to get in shape, learn how to improve your nutrition, or plan a spa weekend, we have something for everyone going through COVID fatigue. Learn about all our wellness options and schedule your visit today.