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Wellness in the Age of Covid – 5 Trends for 2021

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Our ideas of what it means to be well have shifted over the last year due to the pandemic. So, what does wellness mean in 2021?

A recent panel at the Global Wellness Summit sought to answer this question with advice from several wellness industry experts. Below are some of their insights about how people will approach wellness in 2021 and beyond.

A proactive approach to wellness and health

Historically, the healthcare system has been reactive, meaning it provides assistance and support after a patient gets sick. Experts on the panel agree that the pandemic has highlighted the need for taking a preventative approach to healthcare and wellness.

The new innovative model of healthcare will incorporate elements of wellness with scientifically-backed research. Telemedicine will continue to grow, allowing people of all socioeconomic backgrounds easy access to affordable healthcare. California Health & Longevity Institute fully supports this model. Our integrated approach to health and wellness incorporates Eastern and Western philosophies under the careful guidance of health experts and professionals.

Getting back to nature

Panel experts agree that the extended periods of lockdown and social distancing made people recognize the value of getting outside and back in touch with nature for mental and physical healing. Getting back to nature means finding outdoor activities that are naturally socially distanced, like hiking, cycling, and paddle boarding.

People are also taking a closer look at their relationships with other living beings on this earth. Panelists predict that we’ll see an uptick in plant-based diets along with recycling and carbon-saving initiatives.

CHLI’s outdoor exercise classes provide a serene escape from the busy world. Join us for an outdoor socially-distanced group fitness class.

Incorporating wellness at home

Being stuck at home for the last year has forced people to think of wellness as more than just going to the gym. Home wellness includes everything from buying tech gadgets that monitor personal activity levels, to improving the air quality of a home.

Opening windows and dining al fresco are additional ways to embrace basic pleasures as part of their overall wellness. Staying fit and active at home using virtual apps and fitness classes will continue to be an essential element in 2021.

Strengthening our immunity

Building a robust immune system will continue to be important for people in 2021. This approach includes taking nutritional supplements and educational classes to learn how different foods impact the immune system.

At CHLI, we offer culinary experiences that can help you learn how to incorporate immunity-boosting foods into your diet by creating delicious meals you and your family will love.

A new approach to beauty

The pandemic has made people examine what beauty means to them. Beyond makeup and cosmetics, panelists agree that people will actively seek at-home beauty treatments that nourish their skin to improve its health.

As they become comfortable, people may start seeking these experiences outside the home, at The Spa, where they can feel pampered and beautiful under the careful hands of an expert.

CHLI is Here for All Your Wellness Goals in 2021

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