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Stand Up to Cancer


California Health & Longevity Institute is founded on the concepts of preventative medicine. Therefore, we are contributing to efforts to help reduce the burden of cancer and lower the number of deaths caused by cancer.

  • Cancer is not a single disease, rather it is a group of related diseases
  • Although each cell-, tissue-, or organ-specific variety of cancer may be associated with its own risk-reduction strategies, general strategies also contribute to reduced risk

California Health & Longevity Institute emphasizes all of the strategies outlined by The National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health1:

  • Healthy changes and evolution in diet and lifestyle
    • Examples: employ nutrition habits known to be healthy and sustainable; enjoy sustainable exercise programs incorporating aerobic, strength, and flexibility programs
    • Explore each individual patient’s opportunities for improvement, and outline courses of action
  • Intentional avoidance or control of things known to cause cancer
    • Examples: stop tobacco use, limit alcohol consumption
    • Investigate individuals’ habits and activities, and identify those for which action is recommended
  • Finding precancerous conditions – conditions that may become cancer – early
    • Examples: Deploy timely screening modalities such as PAP smears, mammograms, colonoscopies, prostate tests, and others
    • Utilize evidence-based screening and intervention protocols designed to minimize each specific patient’s risk
  • Employing medicines to treat a precancerous condition or to keep cancer from starting
  • Risk-reducing surgery