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Putting the “I” in Happiness

Life Balance

by Damien Craft, Senior Spa Director
California Health & Longevity Institute
at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

A popular focus for 2018 is “self-care”. What does self-care mean to you? It can be something as simple as choosing to spend more time doing something you love, or as complicated as finishing your education journey and earning your college degree. How are you going to embark on this self-care journey?

Here are some ideas that you may want to implement for a better you:

1. Make Time for Yourself
Working nonstop? Fully focused on friends and family needs? Schedule one-hour a week to do something that is just for your enjoyment. Write it in your calendar and stick to it.

2. Learn Something New
Learning is good for the mind and the soul. Pick one topic a month or thoroughly learn a topic for the year. Set a goal and track your success, you will be amazed at what you have accomplished over time.

3. Be Grateful
In the current world of social media influence, we are constantly seeing posts of our peers taking year round vacations, earth moving adventures, and other life changing events that can provoke jealousy. Take a moment and escape the land of social media and reflect on all of the positive aspects of your life. Think about your loved ones, your career, or anything else that sparks a sense of gratitude.

4. Eat Well
This does not mean go on a diet or pursue the next magic cleanse. When it comes to your nutrition, simply try and make healthier choices for you. For example, you can be conscious of the big three S’s (salt, sugar, and soda). Limiting the three S’s or substituting them for healthier options and you are on your way to a healthier you.

5. Laugh More
Try not to take life so seriously. It is okay to laugh at yourself and your mistakes. Laughing is the key to happiness, so find ways to laugh throughout the day and you will reap the rewards in a big way.