Lifestyle Blog

by Leon Henderson-MacLennan, M.D., FACP
& Alexis Peraino, M.D., FACP
Internal Medicine at California Heath & Longevity Institute

While some of us may worry about the aesthetic reasons for obtaining a healthy weight others may not. However, with more than two-thirds of Americans considered overweight or obese, medical – or “clinical” weight loss cab be crucial factor for preventing disease.

How Does Body Fat Affect My Health? 

We know that excess body fat can contribute to chronic disease but fortunately the opposite is also true. Shedding body fat can reduce your risk of conditions such as:
– High blood pressure
– High cholesterol
– Diabetes
– Heart disease (including heart attacks)
– Stroke
– Many forms of cancer

Top Tips to a Slimmer You

Consult Your Team
– Check with your doctor and set a personal weight goal
– Consult a dietitian to plan your meals
– Meet with an exercise physiologist to design a fitness routine

Set Your Limits
– Curb mindless eating
– Reduce portion sizes
– Avoid skipping meals

Educate Yourself
– Start reading food labels
– Select foods low in sugar, saturated fat, trans fat and sodium

Plan Your Plate with a Variety of Fresh Foods
Choose a variety of fresh, whole foods naturally lower in calories 
– Fruits and vegetables
– Whole-grains
– Dried peas and beans
– Fish
– Low-fat dairy products, poultry, lean meats, and nuts

Drink Water Not Calories
– Limit alcohol
– Avoid processed juice and other high-calorie drinks
– Choose water for optimal hydration

Be Active
– Aim for 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity (or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity) aerobic activity per week
– Choose two days for muscle strengthening and stretching activities