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Weight Loss Packages

Weight Loss Your Way  |  4 Week Group Program  |  $450 Per Week

Experience a weight loss program designed specifically to suit your needs. Lifestyle experts and specialists bring you an individualized and revolutionary weight loss program that is designed to reset your metabolism and lifestyle for sustainable change.


  1. Pre- and post-health consultations and Body Composition Analysis (BOD POD)
  2. Wellness meals provided for lunch and dinner (6 days a week) tailored to your metabolism
  3. Twice a week check-in with program lead
  4. Nutrition consultation including chronic disease risk assessment
  5. Metabolism Assessment to determine individual calorie needs
  6. Group workshops highlighting the science of lifestyle change
  7. Wellness Kitchen class and cookbook promoting easy and healthy cooking skills
  8. Unlimited access to Fitness Center and group classes
  9. 7-day nutrition and fitness follow up plan with ongoing coaching available


  1. 50% off a Comprehensive Physical - Receive in-depth medical guidance before or during the 4 week program
  2. 10% off Fit Four All Seasons - Expand your fitness regime with our virtual fitness training program
  3. Become a Spa & Fitness Member and receive one month of membership complimentary
  4. 10% off future Weight Loss Your Way programs


•  February 7th, 2017
•  March 7th, 2017
•  April 4th. 2017


For more information or to book a complimentary 20-minute Health Screening with one of our health professionals to determine if this is the right program for you, call 818-575-1114.