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All radiology tests can be scheduled with an order from your physician or a California Health & Longevity Institute, Inc. physician. Please call (818) 575-8066 for details on services and pricing.

Our state-of-the-art facility maintains the latest diagnostics equipment through a special relationship with General Electric Medical. This is coordinated with exceptional radiologists to read and interpret the studies and clinicians who order appropriate tests based on the history and clinical findings of each individual creates customized care in the most efficient, safe and welcoming environment.

Diagnostic equipment available at the Institute includes:

Echocardiogram with Doppler
An echocardiogram (ECHO) is a test that provides a graphic outline of the heart’s movement. It is administered by a sonographer who uses a transducer and ultrasound technology to evaluate the pumping action of the heart. An ECHO is often combined with Doppler ultrasound and color Doppler to evaluate blood flow across the heart’s valves.

Stress Echocardiogram
A Stress Echocardiogram is a non-invasive test that combines a treadmill stress test (TST) with an echocardiogram (ECHO). An ECHO is done at rest prior to exercising on the treadmill and again at peak heart rate. The test provides an image of the heart’s internal structures, size, and movement, by use of a transducer over the chest area and ultrasound technology.

Bone Densitometry
Bone density measurements help diagnose osteoporosis and assess bone fracture risk. California Health & Longevity Institute bone densitometry system offers unmatched precision and is three to five times better than previous systems more commonly used.

Digital Mammography
Combined with computer-enhanced reading, this test creates greater diagnostic accuracy than traditional mammography in some settings by providing more detail throughout the entire breast, including better visualization of dense breast tissue.

At double the speed and clarity of most MRI’s, this testing equipment offers greater diagnostic accuracy. Our MRI may also be used to enhance mammography in some women, (such as those at high risk for developing breast cancer, a history of breast cancer or who have had breast augmentations), an alternative not necessarily available in other medical settings.

4D Ultrasound
California Health & Longevity Institute, Inc.’s premium ultrasound system – the LOGIQ 9 – constructs images in real time. This integration of four dimensions allows our staff to explore the smallest detail with incredible clarity not possible in common ultrasounds.

64 Slice CT Scan
At four times the typical CT Scan resolution, the CT visualizes tissues and whole organs in a second, the heart in five beats – faster than any other. This type of CT scan uses very thin slices (less than one-tenth of an inch), which are effective in providing greater resolution and detail.

Digital X-Ray
This new digital radiographic system provides access to images within just seconds, and can instantly transmit images to multiple locations, exceedingly helpful for referrals, and follow-up care.