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Precision Health & Wellness

California Health & Longevity Institute (CHLI®) is now offering Precision Health & Wellness, a program which transforms concierge medicine into a personalized and tailored first-class experience, delivering in-depth, one-on-one support all year long with top specialists in the fields of medicine, nutrition, fitness, life balance and therapeutic massage. CHLI’s unique 360 degree approach to wellness will help provide immediate and specific lifestyle adjustments to improve your health, wellbeing and promote longevity. You will receive the medical and lifestyle services you need to enhance your wellness and relieve yourself from the constraints of insurance companies and their coverage limitations.

  1. Our live operator and answering service will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for all non-urgent health concerns.
  2. During after-hours, the CHLI on-call physician will be available to take your calls. For all emergencies, please call 911.
  3. As a Precision Health & Wellness member, you will have direct email communication with your physician for non-urgent health concerns.
  4. You will not receive any bills from CHLI for your Precision Health & Wellness services throughout the year. Any fees for additional lab and/or diagnostic tests will be billed to your medical insurance provider. You will be responsible for any charges within the parameters of your policy including but not limited to deductibles and co-payments.
  5. All annual non-travel vaccines as recommended by the CDC, including the annual flu vaccine will be provided.
  6. A written and digital report of your health and personalized preventative health care recommendations will be mailed to you following your annual wellness evaluation.
  7. Guaranteed same day appointments during regular business hours Monday - Friday (non-holidays), except for your annual evaluation. However, if your physician is not available, you will be seen by a different CHLI physician with the same quality of service.
  8. In the event that you have to go to the emergency room, your CHLI physician will liaison with the hospital physician to ensure continuity of your care. If you are admitted to a hospital, we ask that you sign a Medical Release Form so your physician can properly monitor your stay.
  9. As a Precision Health & Wellness member, you are eligible for a special rate on the CHLI Health and Wellness Membership. Learn More

Annual Services

Comprehensive Physical - A unique medical protocol that focuses on preventative care, personalized to your age, gender and family history. Learn More
Nutrition Consultation - A Registered Dietitian will create a personalized healthy eating plan that considers your specific medical concerns and lifestyle needs.
Life Balance Consultation - Develop personalized strategies to increase motivation, redesign your lifestyle and create balance. Learn to reduce stress, enhance productivity and optimize your energy, health and wellbeing,
Fitness Consultation - In this personalized consultation, receive essential tools to jump start a fitness program or to take your current routine to the next level.
Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) - This test determines the daily calories you burn at complete rest. Based on this data and your activity level, our experts can design an individual dietary plan that allows you to eat according to your metabolism.
VO2 Metabolic Assessment - Determines your cardiorespiratory fitness level by measuring the oxygen uptake during exercise. The results obtained from theis test will assist in evaluating and following the progress of your cardiorespiratory fitness level to formulate or modify your individualized exercise program.
Therapeutic Spa Treatment - Enjoy a healing treatment that will help you reduce stress, improve circulation and stimulate the nervous system. Customized by your therapist using techniques that will enhance your overall well-being and health.

Biannual Services

VO2 Metabolic Assessment

Quarterly Services

Bod Pod - The BOD POD measures the “quality” of a person‘s weight or percentage of body fat.
Nutrition Consultation
Personal Training - Receive private, expert instruction emphasizing safety and proper techniques in a results-driven format. Our certified trainer will motivate and refine your existing program or create a new one that adds variety and fun.
Life Balance Consultation


Annual Fee: $9,700