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Alternative Medicine

Now more than ever, people are integrating complementary and alternative medicine with conventional medical care to successfully reach their personal goals. Our Complementary and Alternative Medicine programs are designed by Dr. Steven Tan, MTOM, LAc, one of the country’s most comprehensively trained integrative medicine physicians and stress experts. Our programs are impressive for their depth of quality and their breadth of offerings. Available therapies include: Eastern medicine approaches like acupuncture, mind-body approaches like hypnotherapy, as well as energy techniques such as energy healing.   Schedule an Appointment

Acupuncture 50 minutes $175; 80 minutes $260
A painless and effective Eastern medical therapy that uses hair-thin needles on specific body points to stimulate its own healing responses. Scientifically shown to help with pain, inflammation, headaches, nausea and many other conditions.

Acupressure 50 minutes $175; 80 minutes $260
Related to acupuncture, but uses manual pressure instead of needles to stimulate therapeutic points on the body.

Medical Hypnotherapy 50 minutes $175; 80 minutes $260 
Hypnosis is a natural therapy that allows the client to experience a sense of deep relaxation. During this time, the therapist offers the client the power to choose beneficial habits and actions and helps them to release destructive ones which allows them to make positive changes within themselves. Hypnosis is used to lose weight, stop smoking, stress and anxiety management, insomnia, plus so much more.

Energy Healing 50 minutes $175; 80 minutes $260 
An energy medicine therapy which uses touch to influence the body‘s energy system and to balance it physically, emotionally and spiritually. A session will leave you feeling clearer and lighter, with a renewed sense of purpose.

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Schedule a follow-up appointment for the same Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatment within 30 days at a reduced rate. Remote service options available for alternative medicine.