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Life Balance Programs

One-on-One Consultations

Life Balance Consultation 50 minutes* $165
Take away increased motivation and personalized strategies for redesigning your lifestyle to create balance, reduce stress, enhance productivity and optimize your energy, health and well-being. Our experts will customize your session to provide you with realistic, actionable strategies for initiating and sustaining healthy behaviors. Topics may include improved communication, conflict resolution, relationships and habits.

*25-minute consultations available for $95 after initial 50-minute session.

The Center for Child & Family Wellbeing

The Center for Child & Family Wellbeing links families and individuals with "Family Architects". The role of the Family Architect is set your child up for success by identifying all learning issues that pertain to intellectual and academic achievement. All Family Architects are trained in education.

For more information, call 818-575-1130 or email JKing@chli.com

Life Balance Workshops

The latest research on mind and body have revealed keys to success in making healthy choices and creating happiness while pursuing life goals. The Life Balance workshops explore these exciting findings and make them practical for participants in a small-group setting. Each workshop provides information with evidence-based lessons that can make huge inroads to better living, through application of relatively small steps.
Speak to our Event Coordinator, Suzanne Carr, at 818-575-1106, to arrange a workshop for your group today.