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Life Balance Programs

One-on-One Consultations

Life Balance Consultation 50 minutes* $165
Take away increased motivation and personalized strategies for redesigning your lifestyle to create balance, reduce stress, enhance productivity and optimize your energy, health and well-being. Our experts, with advanced degrees in Psychology, will customize your session to provide you with realistic, actionable strategies for initiating and sustaining healthy behaviors. Topics may include improved communication, conflict resolution, relationships and habits.

*25-minute consultations available for $95 after initial 50-minute session.

Relationship Concierge Services

From the founder of Mind Over Marriage, Dr. Ilana Kukoff, comes CHLI’s revolutionary relationship services.  This cutting edge curriculum provides deeply rooted and positively lasting change for the following individuals and issues:

·  Relationship stages from dating to engagement, newly married or married for years
·  Any issue whether it be finances, wedding planning, communication issues, tough life situations such as a child or spouse being diagnosed with an illness or disability, addictions, daily responsibilities, infidelity and everything in between

Created in a multimedia platform that can be used via Skype, other media or in person with Dr. Kukoff and other trained educationists, this brief and easy-to-use program gives you tools to assess and modify choices, habits and communication patterns as you work.  The award winning curriculum is custom-tailored to your needs and tracks your progress and is proven to result in long-lasting, positive change and a healthier and more gratifying relationship.

To arrange for services or for inquires on pricing (from $250/hour), contact Suzanne Carr at 818-575-1106.

Life Balance Workshops

The latest research on mind and body have revealed keys to success in making healthy choices and creating happiness while pursuing life goals. The Life Balance workshops explore these exciting findings and make them practical for participants in a small-group setting. Each workshop provides information with evidence-based lessons that can make huge inroads to better living, through application of relatively small steps.
Speak to our Event Coordinator, Suzanne Carr, at 818-575-1106, to arrange a workshop for your group today.