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Signature Lifestyle Packages

The Signature Retreat
Experience an immersive wellness retreat created to reset your metabolism for optimal health. Our experts use the latest technology and scientific findings to curate workouts, cooking classes and workshop experiences for optimal results. This program provides guests with valuable tools and expertise to begin the journey to personal health and happiness.

3 Nights | 4 Days

•  Pre-program nutrition and fitness consultations
•  All meals and snacks provided by the Wellness Kitchen
•  Daily group workshops and workouts
•  (1) Body Composition Analysis
•  (1) Metabolism Assessment
•  (3) Wellness Kitchen Cooking Classes
(1) Wellness Kitchen Cookbook
•  Unlimited access to state-of-the-art fitness center and group classes during retreat dates.

Retreat Dates:
July 20-23
August 17-20
September 14-17
October 5-8
November 9-12

Please call (818) 575-1114 for more information and reservations.


Weight Loss Package 3 days, 2 nights $2,300 (exclusive of taxes and fees)
Our experts have created a Weight Loss Package which provides the tools and strategies for achieving sustainable weight loss goals. Based on scientific testing this program will tailor weight loss for you.

•  Daily Sustained Living meals
•  One (1) Nutrition Consultation  50 minutes
•  One (1) Nutrition Workshop  50 minutes
•  One (1) Fitness Consultation  50 minutes
•  Two (2) Personal Training sessions  50 minutes each
•  One (1) Behavioral Health for Weight Loss Session  50 minutes
•  Daily Somadome Meditation  20 minutes
•  One (1) Body Composition Analysis (BOD POD)  15 minutes
•  One (1) Metabolism Assessment (RMR)  50 minutes
•  One (1) Target Heart Rate Assessment (VO2)  50 minutes
•  7-Day Custom Meal Plean
•  7-Day Custom Exercise Plan
•  One (1) Follow-up Fitness Phone Consultation  25 minutes
•  One (1) Follow-up Nutrition Phone Consultation  25 minutes
•  One (1) "The Wellness Kitchen" Cookbook

For availability and to make a reservation, call 818-575-1114.

Fit Four All Seasons 4 months; $250 per month
Carry your healthy habits with you outside Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village and California Health & Longevity Institute. Our virtual fitness program will connect you with a personal Exercise Physiologist who will give you weekly customized workouts straight to your device. By tracking your progress and changing recommendation based on where you are, Fit Four All Seasons keeps you active at home or on the road.

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Taste of Wellness 
Experience a taste of wellness with a one-day package based on your goals.

•  Sustained Living Lunch
•  Choice of one (1) of the following wellness programs:

•  Somadome Meditation  20 minutes
•  Detox Body Wrap  50 minutes
•  Life Strategies Consultation  50 minutes

•  Somadome Meditation  20 minutes
•  Tranquility Massage  50 minutes
•  Life Strategies Consultation  50 minutes

•  Body Composition Analysis (BOD POD)  15 minutes
•  Choice of Fitness Consultation or Personal Training  50 minutes
•  Nutrition Consultation  50 minutes

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Wellness Your Way
Upgrade your Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village stay with this all-inclusive offering which is designed to help you stay on track at your home away from home.

•  Sustained Living Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
•  Somadome Meditation  20 minutes
•  Choice of one (1) wellness service:

    1. Nutrition Consultation  50 minutes
    2. Fitness Consultation  50 minutes
    3. Life Strategies Consultation  50 minutes
    4. Personal Training Session  50 minutes
    5. Body Composition Analysis (BOD POD)  25 minutes
    6. Target Heart Rate Assessment (VO2)  50 minutes
    7. Metabolism Assessment (RMR)  50 minutes
    8. Posture & Movement Assessment  50 minutes

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