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Executive Leadership

California Health & Longevity Institute, on site at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, offers a world-class executive leadership program with a team of industry-leading faculty members.  The Institute will partner with you to tailor a curriculum to meet your company’s goals and culture.

This customized program combines training for many levels of executives with proven methods of enhancing productivity, starting with the individual’s needs.  Team building exercises are integrated into the course, creating an emotional connection to the topics being discussed.  Executives gain sustainable skills to build resiliency and make high-impact changes within themselves and their organization, leading to greater energy, productivity, retention and stress management.  Meals served throughout the program are an intrinsic part of the training, as attendees enjoy healthy dining, gaining knowledge on nutritional skills, food preparation and taste.

The curriculum offers options in fitness, nutrition, meditation and work/life skills; some examples:

• Managing Stress for Sustainable Success
• Mindfulness in the Workplace
• The Art of Listening
• The Crucial Skill in Relationships
• Managing Transitions
• Mastering Challenging Discussions
• Kaizen: The Power of Change
• Overcoming Exercise Barriers
• Science of Weight Management
• Brain Health
• Eating “On the Road“
• Scientific Proven Ways to be Persuasive
• Gratitude & Appreciation
• The Biological Need for Praise
• Adding 10-20 Healthy Years to Your Life
• Positive Psychology:  The Art and Science of Happiness
• Using Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Productivity

View a sample agenda here.
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For additional information or to book a program, contact Tammie Wallace, Director, Business Development at
(818) 575-1422 or email twallace@chli.com