Discover a new perspective on eating well by incorporating a well-balanced diet that is tailored just for you. Our registered dietitians will provide you with hands-on strategies, tools and science-based research to help you find the right composition, quantity, and quality of food that will boost energy and maximize success in managing weight and health concerns.


Nutrition Consultation

A Registered Dietitian will create a personalized healthy eating plan that considers specific medical concerns and lifestyle needs.

50 minutes, $175
25 minute follow up, +$95
50 minute follow up, +$165

Grocery Store Tour

Let one of our Registered Dietitians personally guide you through your shopping experience at a local grocery store, helping you find healthier products while avoiding product-marketing traps. Gain confidence about choosing the right foods for you and your family.

120 minutes, $330

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Metabolism Assessment

This test takes the guesswork out of weight loss by determining the specific number of calories your body burns. Based on this data, our experts can design an individual dietary plan that allows you to eat according to your metabolism.

50 minutes, $150

Metabolism Assessment Duo

Combine the Metabolism Assessment (RMR) and a Nutrition Consultation to gain insight into your metabolism and optimize your weight.

100 minutes, $265

Metabolism Assessment Trio

Upgrade to the Metabolism Assessment Trio by adding a Body Composition Analysis (BOD POD) for a more in-depth look.

125 minutes, $330

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