Lifestyle Assessments

Knowledge is a powerful motivator for personal health. Our assessments are effective tools for developing health benchmarks and measuring success. Experience one of six personalized assessments to discover vital information about your metabolic makeup, heart strength, and nutritional needs.




Metabolism Assessment

This test takes the guesswork out of weight loss by determining the specific number of calories your body burns. Based on this data, our experts can design an individual dietary plan that allows you to eat according to your metabolism.

50 minutes, $150

Metabolism Assessment Duo

Combine the Metabolism Assessment (RMR) and a Nutrition Consultation to gain insight into your metabolism and optimize your weight.

100 minutes, $265

Metabolism Assessment Trio

Upgrade to the Metabolism Assessment Trio by adding a Body Composition Analysis (BOD POD) for a more in-depth look.

125 minutes, $330

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Posture and Movement Assessment

A great assessment tool for those who may be struggling in their workouts, have aches & pains or are low on energy. Our experts carefully examine flexibility, posture and balance to assess how your body moves in both a static and dynamic fashion for optimal physical functioning.

50 minutes, $165

Target Heart Rate Assessment (VO2)

Considered the “gold standard” in cardio respiratory fitness testing, VO2 determines the amount of oxygen a person utilizes during exercise. Using this value and your heart rate, precise caloric expenditures can be determined at different training intensity levels. With this information, a custom program can be designed to achieve personal goals, allowing you to train smarter, not harder.

50 minutes, $250

Body Composition Analysis (BOD POD)

Weight on the scale merely reflects a “quantity.” The BOD POD measures the quality of a person‘s weight or percentage of body fat and includes a mini-consultation with fitness expert to review results. This technique is precise and takes just a few minutes while sitting comfortably.

25 minutes, $95

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