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California Health & Longevity Institute® (CHLI®) is a pioneering, world class facility and leader in science-based lifestyle rejuvenation. By implementing the practice of Kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of achieving sustainable change through small realistic steps, our experts follow a 360-degree approach to health and wellness. At CHLI, this philosophy incorporates every area of life that impacts health including: Medical, Nutrition, Fitness, Life Balance and Spa. We are the only place of our kind offering a seamless integration of evidence-based medicine with qualified experts and programs designed to improve health and wellness for individuals and organizations. An on-site medical clinic fuses the latest breakthroughs in Western preventive-care medicine with complementary and alternative Eastern medical techniques, and houses a complete imaging suite, dermatology center and a medical laboratory. Programs and Packages integrate these medical capabilities, fitness sessions and workshops, spa treatments from The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, healthy-cooking demonstrations and classes, interactive workshops on stress management and other topics as well as the latest technological advances in assessing and changing lifestyle habits.